a royal invitation

Photo via Us Magazine

Prince William and Kate are engaged! Hooray! I’m excited for them…they are quite adorable. Naturally, I have been designing their wedding invitation in my head over the last few days, inspired by this post.

First, I’m skipping the black and white! And while purple is definitely a royal color, I think navy is my color choice for this couple. Because you know, I know them so well, and can just tell. So navy ink on gray thick, cotton paper. Good paper. Gray paper? Yes! I know, not so traditional…but again, I think these kids will want to step out of the box a bit. Let’s begin…

This color gray stock, with no leaves. Nice and clean. Source: Ericson Design on Flickr

Navy ink, letterpress baby! Source Bella Figura

This calligraphy style, with no other graphics involved in the design. Source Regas NY

I also really like all of the card inserts in this design, and the band especially. That band with the family crest or royal insignia…I’m sure that’s required. That will hold all of our lovely pieces together, but wait….

I want to include a navy blue satin ribbon to bind it together along with the band…ahh, perfection. Source The Aerialist Press

Finally…navy edge painting. Source Bella Figura

Can’t you just see it?! Prince William, Kate…shoot me an email and I will joyfully make it happen!!!


2 Responses to “a royal invitation”

  1. 1 Sam March 14, 2011 at 4:06 pm

    That’s awesome! I hope to see what their invitation ends up looking like, by whoever ends up designing it!

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